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Company Info


Our Mission

Dell Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will provide state-of-the-art telecommunication services to our membership that strengthens and builds our community and service area, as a member-friendly, service oriented and financially  stable cooperative.

Through our subsidiary, DELCOM, Inc., we will offer diverse services and grow market share to improve quality of life of our customers and also enhance the financial stability of the cooperative.

Dell Telephone Cooperative

Dell Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiary Delcom serves over 20,000 square miles in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. Our network currently includes over 1,000 miles of fiber optic cable and provides high-speed digital connectivity to residential and business customers.

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Company Info – Important Documents

Our tariffs are avaiable at our business office. Please visit 610 S. Main Street in Dell City, TX for more info and/or to view our tariffs. You can also use our contact form to request more info.

610 S. Main Street, Dell City, TX 79837

Customer Service: 800.245.2991 or 915 964-2352

Report Trouble: 611 (DTC Landline Customers)